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In a Construction Manager (CM) Agency agreement, the construction manager acts as the owner’s agent. The owner trusts the CM Agency for objective advice throughout the project and ensures the project builder carries out their goals. Acting as the owner’s agent, the CM Agency partnership ensures the owner’s interests are represented from the start of the project through completion.

With a wide array of project delivery methods to choose from, owners often choose CM Agency for complex projects with unknown variables. A CM Agency partnership provides contractual flexibility when fixed pricing agreements aren’t possible. This delivery method is also used for projects for which completion time is more important than final cost. 

At CSM Group, the model we follow allows us to also act as the project builder. We bid and negotiate all contracts for the owner and provide oversight, scheduling, and cost management services. While the client still holds trade contracts, we manage these projects as if we own them ourselves, giving owners the best possible outcomes for their construction projects.  

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CM At-Risk

Owners tasked with overseeing construction projects often want services delivered at a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP). In a CM At-Risk delivery model, the construction manager helps consult the owner during the development and design stage, then acts as the general contractor during the construction phase. The construction manager contracts multiple trade partners directly and is the single point of responsibility for hiring trade partners and construction work. 

The CM At-Risk is also responsible for managing the project so that it’s completed within the GMP - and assuming the financial risk if it is not. To help ensure the construction project runs smoothly, the construction manager at risk also provides schedule, budget, and constructability advice during the pre-construction/planning phase.

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