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I especially like CSM Group's pre-bid procedures. They provide very detailed information and are quick to respond with answers to RFIs. Invitations to Bid are sent in a timely manner, affording contractors a valuable period to review documents.

Ralph Reagan, Vice President, Aaron Glass Company, Inc.

What I like most about CSM Group's approach is that no matter the task or issue at hand, CSM Group approaches every situation in a calm, collected manner. Furthermore, there is a lot to know about managing a project with many different scopes of work. In my experience, if CSM Group is not 100% sure of how to answer one of our questions or concerns, they allow us to meet with architects or engineers to make sure we all walk away with a mutual understanding of how to proceed.

Jim VanAtter, Project Manager, Cripps Fontaine Excavating, Inc.

Our working relationship with CSM Group spans over 30 years, and we consider them among the finest contractors in Southwest Michigan.

Glen Weller, Project Manager, Associated Painting Corporation

Who Needs to Pre-Qualify?

CSM Group requires that all subcontractors be prequalified annually to be eligible to contract work with our company. Prequalifying will help ensure you are receiving all possible bid opportunities that are dialed into your preferred project size, trades categories and industry types. It also helps us keep our contact database up to date, which prevents missed opportunities due to changes in staffing.

The following scopes of work do not need to go through the prequalification process:
- Vendors
- Material Suppliers
- Testing
- Engineering Firms
- Architecture, including Landscape
- Environmental Science
- Planning
- Surveying

To get started, please click the button tp the right to access our online Pre-Qualifcation form hosted by PipelineSuite. For more information on PipelineSuite, see below or contact our Preconstruction Team.

Pre-Qualification Requirements

Financial Statements

Submit your most recent audited financial statements, preferably third-party prepared financial statements (audit, review, or compilation) from your last fiscal year end that includes a balance sheet and income statement.**

If you have reservations about submitting financials, we provide other options which can be set up directly with our Financial Review Team. Should you have any questions, please contact our Financial Review Team.

**A Non-Disclosure Agreement can be signed with CSM Group. Contact us if you have any questions. 

Sample Insurance Certificate

Submit a sample certificate of insurance with applicable endorsements. The certificate does not need to list CSM Group as a certificate holder but must be current/not expired. All contractors must have valid insurance to be awarded projects.

Letter From Your Surety

Submit a letter from your surety provider dated within the last 30 days, starting with the following:

1. That you are in good standing with the surety

2. Your single project capacity

3. Your aggregate bonding capacity

4. Amount available


If not bonded, please upload a letter indicating such.

EMR Verification

Submit a letter from your insurance agent confirming your EMR for the last three years. (NCCI comparable form or letter from workers' comp carrier.)

If you are exempt from submitting an EMR letter, please upload a letter on company letterhead indicating such.

Current W-9 Form

Submit a current W-9 form with full legal name and signed and dated within the past year.

OSHA 300 and 300A Forms

Submit the past three years of OSHA 300 logs with names redacted and OSHA Form 300A summary.

If you are exempt from OSHA recording laws, please upload a letter on company letterhead indicating the exemption reason.

Additional Information

We welcome you to submit any additional information of your choosing. Additional information could include, but is not limited to:

1. Company safety manual

2. Additional licenses/certifications

3. Letters of recommendations

4. Listing of recently completed projects

Financial Statements
Sample Insurance Certificate
Letter From Your Surety
EMR Verification
Current W-9 Form
OSHA 300 and 300A Forms
Additional Information


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Bid Due Date
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Questions About Pre-Qualifying? Contact the Preconstruction Team

Tracy Harrison

Preconstruction Program Director

Andrea Hempstead

Preconstruction Coordinator