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Manufacturing Project

Midlink Business Park

The Midlink Business Park, a former General Motors stamping plant, has undergone bold and dramatic changes in recent years. This stunning metamorphosis has turned it into a showcase facility and offers the largest and most flexible contiguous space available for warehousing and distribution, manufacturing, and other uses in the entire Midwest. Two colossal buildings (Midlink East and Midlink West) totaling 1.6 million square feet of multi-tenant space and 240 surrounding acres make this a world-class business park.

CSM Group has provided construction management services to Midlink Business Park for 10 years and is currently providing services to multiple campus projects. As the owner’s advocate, we take great pride in working with the architect to provide the best possible cost-effective solution to execute a successfully completed project.

Recently, CSM Group managed the construction of a parking lot north of the new Landscape Forms facility renovation on the property (north lot off of Cork Street). This project was a design/build in partnership with Prein & Newhof, a Michigan-based civil and environmental engineering company. The scope of work included the installation of new pavement, concrete curbs and gutters, storm utilities, and site lighting. Landscaping was also coordinated with the owner during construction


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