CSM Group, a leader in the construction management field, is proud to announce its 40th anniversary celebration. This milestone marks a significant achievement for the company, its employees, and its customers.

Founded in 1983, CSM Group has been providing exceptional services to customers across the country for four decades. Over the years, the company has grown significantly, expanding its operations and developing new offerings to better serve its customers.

“We are incredibly proud of what we have accomplished over the past 40 years,” said Founder and Chairman Steve East. “We have worked hard to build a company that is focused on safety, innovation, quality, and customer service. Our success is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our employees, as well as the loyalty and support of our customers.”

To celebrate this momentous occasion, CSM Group donated $40,000 to local organizations that have been instrumental in the company’s growth, including the following:

“We want to celebrate this milestone with our customers, employees, and the community,” said Chief Executive Officer Stuart Mason. “We wouldn’t be where we are today without their support, and we are grateful for their contributions to our success.”

Katrina Reed is the Senior Director of Marketing & Sales at CSM Group. For all media inquiries, please contact her at katrina.reed@csmgroup.com.