Design-Build Construction
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Design-Build services bring cost and time-savings

Efficiency and accountability are important to owners looking to complete construction projects on time and on budget. That’s why design-build construction has become an increasingly popular project delivery method - a single point of responsibility streamlines communication and fast-tracks construction projects.  

With design-build construction, the architect and construction manager work together from project start to finish, simplifying the communication process and proactively solving issues that may arise. When faced with things like schedule changes or additional costs, a design-build process eliminates the confusion and “blame game” between key stakeholders that come with unexpected changes. 

One of the biggest advantages of the design-build delivery method is that the owner has only one point of contact. A design-build contract simplifies the owner’s role in the project and gives all stakeholders a clear line of accountability. It doesn’t just stop at the owner, either; in design-build methodology, the owner’s wishes are communicated directly to the design and construction teams. With one point of contact, there are fewer layers of communication needed, leading to better outcomes and more productive owner involvement. 

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One Point of Contact

For owners and contractors, the construction manager is the primary point of contact, simplifying communication and streamlining the construction process.

Working Together

High Collaboration

Designers, architects, and the construction manager are involved from the beginning of the project and work closely to accomplish project goals.

Receive Money

Cost Reductions

The design-build process cuts down on procedural waste and promotes high efficiency.


Time Savings

High collaboration and streamlined communication processes cut down on miscommunication, which keeps the project nimble.

Our Approach to Design-Build Construction

For clients looking to take advantage of the benefits of design-build methodology, CSM Group has the expertise to handle the responsibility of being the single point of accountability on a construction project. 

Our approach encompasses all aspects of the design and build process and is designed to foster relationships between team members, adding value to the project.

Through a constant stream of communication, our design and construction teams stay in perfect alignment. Design and construction can easily overlap, giving us the perfect way to fast-track the project and avoid unnecessary delays. With over 38 years of experience in design-build methodologies, our expert team is uniquely capable of delivering projects within budgetary and schedule parameters. 

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