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IPD Construction for Today’s Fast-Paced World

Many construction projects experience some of the most common problems in the industry: disputes among stakeholders, ineffective channels of communication, and extending production timelines that lead to high rates of inefficiency. Integrated project delivery (IPD) was developed to streamline the design and construction process by overhauling the traditional organizational silos and bringing key stakeholders together at the start of the project. 

An integrated delivery method keeps the lines of communication between all parties clear to identify and fix issues long before they arise. This requires some extra time and effort spent upfront but helps clarify the collective vision for the project and keeps all parties on the same page throughout its execution. This focus on relationships early in the construction process helps prevent delays from change orders or design edits. 

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Streamlined Communication

Since design and construction are included in a single contract, all parties must be aware of the specifics of the project.


Reduced Delays

Early planning and clear communication processes cut down on time waste and red tape during the construction process.


Contract Has Several Parties

The owner, architect, and construction manager are the three main parties, but the contract could include contractors and engineers too.


Collaborative Decision Making and Risk

As all parties are involved early in the construction process, decisions about the project and associated risks are shared amongst stakeholders.

Our Approach to IPD

CSM Group’s approach to Integrated Project Delivery (IPD model) is a collaborative one; we work closely with the client, architect, and trade partners to deliver a construction project method that helps ensure the best possible outcome. It’s our goal to establish a shared vision for the project and agree on the best way to reach that vision. 

It’s through this collaboration that IPD construction projects are completed on time and on budget, leading to a win-win-win scenario for the owner, architect, and trade partners. The result is a ‘targeted value design’ - we detect and address issues early in the process, long before they significantly impact the bottom line.

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