Managing our Clients’ Capital Investments

We understand that the longevity of your facility is a priority, and our experienced team will help you manage the performance of your facilities and building through services such as site management, safety management, planning, scheduling, engineering, operations support, and qualified subcontractors.

Comprehensive Safety Services

At CSM Group, we lead with safety. Planning and preparing ensures on-site safety and reduces preventable safety-related incidents, resulting in a safe, but also timely and efficient, project.

Project Planning

You have a vision for your facility and our planning professionals have the experience and systems in place to bring that vision to life.

Project Execution

Our project solutions are all encompassing and lead to the successful implementation of your project plan.

Our Story

Commitment from the Ground, Up

It’s not just a building to our clients, and it’s not just a job for us. We are credited with having people throughout our organization who take an extra interest and behave with great professionalism. This translates to a tangible benefit at many points during the project process. 

Calls are answered. Answers are obtained. Deadlines are met. Proactive actions head off problems. It’s about employees at every level taking ownership. “From the ground, up” means the commitment is demonstrated by every level of employees, at every stage of construction.

Featured Projects

For 35 years, we’ve brought comprehensive project solutions from coast-to- coast, completing more than 1,500 projects across the U.S.

Become a Diverse Supplier

We recognize that having a diverse supplier base facilitates mutual success and increases product value and customer satisfaction. By including qualified, diverse suppliers, we continue to sharpen our own competitive edge, providing us with innovative solutions.

Build a Career with CSM Group

We believe that being passionate about your work is one of the keys to success and happiness, so we do our best to help provide our employees with the tools that realize that passion, which translates into the work they produce both in the office and in the field.


  • We use CSM Group as our construction manager because of three things: reliability we get, the professionalism, and the dedication to follow through.

    Rob Britigan
    Vice President of Property Management, Midlink Business Park
  • CSM Group’s bidding process is second to none. The pre-bid activities and meetings with all invited bidders sets the tone for the project as a whole. The end result is a very well-informed group of bidders, each of whom are able to articulate the expectations of their specific packages with great clarity. This is intentional and it works.

    Patti Owens
    Vice President and Managing Director, Catalyst Development Co., LLC
  • Despite the complexity of our scope of work, the CSM Group team finished the project on time and under budget. Moreover, I found their employees not only technically competent, but also collaborative with all stakeholders and very easy to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any company looking for a quality-focused construction management firm.

    Luke Austenfeld
    Former Chief Executive Officer, Sherman Lake YMCA
  • During the pre-bond campaign, I was confident in the project costs projections and the delivery method that the team at CSM Group used while working with the school district and community. They brought innovative ideas that ultimately would bring long-term savings to the district’s general fund.

    Dr. Tina Kerr
    Former Superintendent, Coldwater Community Schools