By proactively setting expectations for safe and environmentally conscious business practices with all partners, CSM Group makes safety and sustainability a priority when selecting and working with subcontractors, partners, and suppliers. Safety is our number one priority on every job site, and we uphold safety in all aspects of our business through our thorough auditing processes and continual communications. 

We also promote responsible resource consumption, the use of sustainable materials, and encourage practices that minimize waste and pollution across all projects. This is facilitated during our subcontractor pre-qualification process and throughout all pre-construction activities. We then uphold all safe and sustainable practices in the day-to-day management of our job site activities.

Our Commitment



Provide the safest work environment for our employees.



Promote growth, strength and inclusion of people in all we do.



Lead with the highest ethical standards and business practices.



Pursue sustainable solutions that will provide critical infrastructure for our community.



Protect our environment for generations by reducing negative impact on the planet.

Sustainability Council

Our Sustainability Council has representation from all functions of the organization, including marketing, human resources, project execution, accounting, and operations. The Council oversees our team’s on-going commitment to environmental, social, and governance goals and performance and report directly to the Executive Leadership team and Advisory Board.

In everything we do, we actively engage with stakeholders, including clients, suppliers, and partners, in the shared commitment to sustainable practices.
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The Environment

CSM Group has been a member of the U.S. Green Building Council since 2004 and are a founding member of the West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum, a non-profit membership organization working to promote business practices that demonstrate environmental stewardship, economic vitality, and social responsibility, known as the triple bottom line. We have been involved with these organizations for many years, and fully support their purpose and missions.
Our team is committed to providing services that promote and support green building technologies that improve economic, environmental, and social impacts, and have long partnered with clients to consider the long-term implications of building decisions, understanding that life-cycle costs and impact on our surrounding environment are just as important as initial cost. 
By proactively addressing environmental sustainability with all our partners, CSM encourages sustainable practices in each engagement – identifying risks, facilitating partnerships, and offering solutions to uphold our responsibility to manage our work's environmental impact. Thus, we make sustainability a priority when selecting and working with our sub-contractors, clients, and communities.

Waste Reduction

CSM Group is committed to reducing waste throughout its office locations and job sites. We have developed an engaging and comprehensive waste management strategy for office locations and educate our team and partners on the choices and actions we can take every day to help reduce the amount of waste we generate and make decisions – big and small - that uphold our commitment to the environment.

Energy Conservation and Greenhouse Gas Reduction

CSM Group is committed to reducing our environmental footprint and is committed to achieving net zero emissions from our operations and business travel by 2025. One way to reduce GHG emissions is to maximize renewable energy use. CSM continues to explore opportunities to access and utilize renewable energy everywhere we do business. 

Waste Reduction
Energy Conservation and Greenhouse Gas Reduction
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