On Thursday, September 16, 2021, CSM Group received an industry honor from Associated Builders and Contractors Western Michigan Chapter at its annual Excellence in Construction Awards in Muskegon, Michigan. 

The award was presented to CSM Group in the "Renovation/Addition/Tenant Build-Out More Than $10 Million" category for its management of the renovation of Old City Hall in Traverse City, Michigan. 

CSM Group brought life back into the historic Old City Hall by renovating and modernizing the 117-year-old building for use as Greenleaf Trust’s new office space. Originally built in 1904, the 16,926-square-foot building features tenant spaces equipped with new mechanical and electrical systems, an elevator, stairs, and a second-floor balcony.  

"We were honored to support Greenleaf Trust's continued growth in Northern Michigan," said Julie Byrne, President at CSM Group. "We value working alongside clients who invest in their community through the reclamation of historic buildings that will provide resources for generations to come."

The CSM Group project team led with the mantra that each decision would be viewed not only for the next decade, but the following century. The owners’ interest was to renovate and construct a building which would carry on long after any individual teammates and therefore, we were to bring solutions and support decisions that were in the interest the long-term use of the facility. This meant that sometimes we implemented materials or complexity into the project that seemed unnecessary for a typical office space, but did so with the knowledge that the solutions would be a permanent piece of the greater legacy of the building.  

"Alongside our design partner, TowerPinkster, we utilized modern architectural products and construction methods to bring this building into the 21st Century", said Brian Beaver, Vice President at CSM Group. "There were many custom finishes incorporated into the building, including a 6' x 22' leaded glass laylight, wood trim and panels, and the replication of existing cast stone details that tie the new construction into the existing building, that speak to the essence of Greenleaf Trust's brand while incorporating the historical context of the building."

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Greenleaf Trust Office Building  Traverse City, Michigan


Katrina Reed is the Senior Director of Marketing & Sales at CSM Group. For all media inquiries, please contact her at katrina.reed@csmgroup.com.