CSM Group is pleased to announce the promotion of Doug Vrba to project director.

In his new position, Vrba will promote collaboration between CSM Group, the design team, and our clients, and will provide guidance through recommended design improvements, construction techniques, and schedules. While monitoring cost and progress information of construction activities, he will also ensure that the owner’s best interests are served through the duration of the project.

Vrba, who first joined CSM Group in October of 2011 as a project engineer, has 21 years’ experience in providing exceptional design and project management services.

Currently, Vrba manages multiple hospital renovation projects for Bronson Healthcare Group, one of CSM Group’s longest-standing clients. He is a Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC), one of only 25 in the state of Michigan, and is also Safety Training Supervisor Construction® (STSC) certified.

CSM Group promotes Doug Vrba to project director

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