CSM Group announced today leadership changes as it continues to redesign company operations for long-term success.

Jim Feltch, CHC is named chief executive officer and president, effective immediately.

As the chief executive officer and president, Feltch will continue to lead the transformation of CSM Group as an innovative project management services provider. He will also be responsible for setting strategies and visions for the company, as well as building a world-class culture built on trust, respect, and communication.

As well as serving as principal in the corporate capacity, Todd McDonald is named chief operations officer. In this role, McDonald will help ensure that project execution is efficient and effective and that the proper management of resources, distribution of services to customers, and analysis of systems is conducted.

He will also communicate and stress the company’s safety mission and culture through all execution of systems so that it infiltrates all employees’ actions.

Alongside McDonald, Julie Byrne, a 13-year veteran of the company, is named vice president of construction services. In her role, she will be responsible for developing and implementing CSM Group’s construction services strategies, including day-to-day operations and financial well-being of various projects.

Byrne’s role will be hands-on in nearly every aspect of construction management; not only will she be responsible for overseeing the hiring and supervision of the operation teams but will also oversee creating and managing budgets.

All appointments are effective Feb. 12, 2018.

Katrina Reed is the Senior Director of Marketing & Sales at CSM Group. For all media inquiries, please contact her at katrina.reed@csmgroup.com.