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Fostering an Environment of Safe Practices

Planning and preparing ensures on-site safety and reduces preventable safety-related incidents, resulting in a safe, but also timely and efficient, construction project. Safety on every job site involves the proactive prevention of unsafe conditions through training, preparing, planning, communicating, monitoring, and reporting.

KVCC Bronson Healthy Living Campus: A Catalyst for Urban Revitalization

After more than a year of interviews and numerous trips to film the progress of all three facilities, we are thrilled to unveil the final KVCC Bronson Healthy Living Campus blog video. This final video brings the whole project together and highlights the pride each stakeholder had in continuing to shape downtown Kalamazoo.

A Better Construction Experience

When you begin the process of having a building constructed, chances are you are entering unfamiliar territory. It is not realistic for you to attempt to become sufficiently knowledgeable about every aspect of a construction project. It is much more logical for you to align with CSM Group.

Strong Relationships with Vendors and Suppliers

CSM Group believes in selecting the very best teams to ensure continued growth in our chosen market segments. To do so, we require all potential trade contractors, vendors, and suppliers to be pre-qualified.

A Talent-Driven Culture

At CSM Group, our difference is our people. We are a talent-driven organization that recognizes that our most significant asset is the talent of our employees. We believe that being passionate about your work is one of the keys to success and happiness, so we do our best to help provide our employees with the tools to realize that passion.