We value our trade partner relationships

As a firm invested in the future of our communities, one of our philosophies is to keep jobs and dollars in the local economy. Therefore, we strive to hire as many local subcontractors to promote this objective and support the local workforce. CSM Group doesn't self-perform work; therefore, we are never in a position to 'compete' with our trade partners on projects or have a conflict of interest to ensure our clients’ best interests are served.

With more than 38 years of experience working with subcontractors across the United States, we have developed and maintained a high level of trust and commitment. Among the trade partners we work with, we have a reputation for being fair, safety-driven, and professional.

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I especially like CSM Group's pre-bid procedures. They provide very detailed information and are quick to respond with answers to RFIs. Invitations to Bid are sent in a timely manner, affording contractors a valuable period to review documents.

Ralph Reagan, Vice President, Aaron Glass Company, Inc.

What I like most about CSM Group's approach is that no matter the task or issue at hand, CSM Group approaches every situation in a calm, collected manner. Furthermore, there is a lot to know about managing a project with many different scopes of work. In my experience, if CSM Group is not 100% sure of how to answer one of our questions or concerns, they allow us to meet with architects or engineers to make sure we all walk away with a mutual understanding of how to proceed.

Jim VanAtter, Project Manager, Cripps Fontaine Excavating, Inc.

Our working relationship with CSM Group spans over 30 years, and we consider them among the finest contractors in Southwest Michigan.

Glen Weller, Project Manager, Associated Painting Corporation

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