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Education Project

KCC Student Services Center

Before 2012, the Kellogg Community College (KCC) Student Services Center had not undergone a major remodel since it was built in the 1970s.

Home to the cafeteria, dining room, student commons area, and student services administrative offices, the building serves as a hub of activity for the campus community. The project broke ground in late July 2012 and was completed in two phases.

The 10-month project duration consisted of a full gut and remodel of a 23,800-square-foot area with two small additions: the new front main entrance (800-square-feet) and an entrance off the existing building (250-square-feet).

Located in the middle of KCC’s campus and ongoing during the school year, the site was very tight with no parking or lay down areas for the contractors to use. Therefore, all of the materials needed to be brought on-site as needed. On one side of the site was an occupied theater, while an occupied corridor and temporary office space sat on the other side. The project was also a full gut and remodel, so all of the major mechanical and electrical items were removed, reworked, and replaced, with a new generator added.

Overall, the new Student Services Center has an open environment that allows for good traffic flow for students and faculty alike to access and enjoy each space within the facility easily.


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