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Education Project

Jackson Public Schools

CSM Group was chosen to manage Jackson Public Schools’ bond projects in 2018 after the successful passing of the District’s bond vote.

CSM Group was selected as construction manager for Jackson Public Schools’ pre-bond work in September 2017 and worked alongside TMP Architecture, Inc. to assist JPS in the successful passing of their bond vote in May 2018. The $86.7 million bond issue includes consolidation of buildings, construction of a new school, reopening a vacant building, and updating and securing learning spaces.

The first phase of work began in August 2018 with the demolition of Cascades Elementary School. Students were moved next door into Frost Elementary to allow for the safe demolition of the existing Cascades building. Construction of the new facility is underway, with plans for opening in the 2020-21 school year. Students will then move from Frost to the new school, and Frost will be torn down.

The Cascades demolition was one of three main opening-phase bond projects for JPS. 

The first phase also includes remodeling the entrances at Jackson High School and Northeast Elementary School, including relocating the main offices at schools to the exterior of buildings and fitting them with cameras and door buzzers to create a safe and secure entryway. Work also includes a 40,000-square-foot pool addition at the high school.


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