What led you to a career in construction?

“I’ve had a natural interest in construction from a very early age, even though I didn’t have any family in the industry. I spent two years of high school in a Residential Construction Trades Program at Kent Career Technical Center, working hands-on building condos. I was the only female both years in my class. My instructors introduced me to opportunities for a career in construction management. I continued to follow my passion and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Management from Ferris State University.” 


What do you love most about your job?

“​I love problem solving and working with a team; working with the contractors, architects, and owners to create and build is very rewarding. Our industry is challenging but satisfying to see things take a 3D shape and come together. Watching a building form from what you’ve reviewed on the drawings is such a neat process.” 


What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

“​Each person working on a project brings their own set of skills to the table and finding a way to utilize each person’s strengths and work together towards a common goal can be challenging. If you can find a way to embrace the diversity of the minds and apply your team’s individual strengths towards the project, you will be surprised on what you can achieve.”


What advice would you give the other women looking to begin or advance their career in the construction industry?

“​The construction industry is in such a great demand for young, fresh talent. There are so many opportunities within the industry and if you have a natural interest in construction, do not be intimidated to follow your passion. Continuing to raise awareness for construction opportunities, both for men and women, is so important for industry growth. The foundation for equality within our industry has been poured, and together we can construct a world built by men and women working side by side.”



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