What led you to a career in construction?

“In all honesty, it fell into my lap. I didn’t seek a career in construction, but when my husband was an intern and I attended the holiday party with him, the culture pulled me in. Thirteen (13) years later and the culture here is still amazing. I really enjoy working in the constantly changing construction industry now.”


What do you love most about your job?

“The people I get to work with and the different challenges that I face daily. Most would assume that the life of a controller is pretty monotonous; however, from my experience in the construction industry, that is far from the truth. There are plenty of different scenarios and challenges that constantly pop up and force diving deeper into the numbers, which is far from boring and is extremely enlightening.”  


What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

“​Trying to keep up with workload, technology, growth, and trends while juggling everything in my personal life is the most challenging.”


What advice would you give the other women looking to begin or advance their career in the construction industry?

“​Go for it! It is a constantly changing and advancing industry that is exciting to work in. Even if you have no prior experience in the industry, take the leap. It is rewarding and fun to work in such a collaborative and dynamic atmosphere. If you are looking to advance your career, hold yourself accountable and don’t be afraid to admit when you have made a mistake, be innovative, keep safety top of mind, and focus on quality.”  



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