A Culture of Safety
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Safety is a pillar of our business

At CSM Group, we lead with safety, and it's ingrained in everything that we do, from the way we manage our projects to how we train and equip our employees. We believe that safety on every job site involves the proactive prevention of unsafe conditions through training, preparing, planning, communicating, monitoring, and reporting - and have focused our efforts on reducing safety-related incidents on our job sites across the country. 

This is accomplished through the implementation of behavioral science to transform leadership at all levels of the organization. We believe that it’s a basic human right to have a safe place to work and strive to help others understand behaviors to reduce and prevent workplace injuries. 


Safety Leaders at All Levels of the Organization
Leverage Technology to Increase Safety Performance
Educating the Industry to Improve Quality and Performance


In a safe workplace, I can provide for my family. A workplace injury may mean they would need to provide for me. Safety means everything!

Anita Pelak, CSP, CHST, Safety Manager

I choose to work safely because I don’t think that it is a choice but rather an obligation - an obligation to my fellow human beings as well as to myself.  We deserve to exist in an environment that is both nurturing and safe for all.

Usamah Hayes, BIM Manager

I work safely for my family, my peers, and the overall success of the projects I am grateful to be a part of.

Todd George, STSC, LEED Green Associate, Program Executive

I choose to work safely because everyone, including myself, should go home in the same condition as when starting their work day. The most important thing in life is spending it with those you cherish and that is key to always being safe!

Marlene Bumpous, Project Financial Coordinator

I work safely because it is simply the right thing to do. From a humanistic perspective, I understand and embrace my ability to influence others by exemplifying that I truly care for their health and well-being.

Don Brown, STSC, Senior Project Manager

I work safely because I want to be able to enjoy a full and active life outside of work.

Bill Eichstaedt, STSC, Project Manager

I lead with safety to help create an environment that impacts individuals to work safely inside and outside of the 'work environment.'

Brett Butcher, STSC, Safety Specialist

I work safely because I want everyone on the job site, including myself, to go home safe and injury-free. It is important to me that everyone on the projects that I oversee is safe.

Tom O'Sullivan, STSC, Construction Manager

I work safely and want others to do so because nobody should feel like they are in danger when they are at work. If people feel like they are in a safe environment, then I believe they will be better members of the team.

David Dahlquist, HCC, STSC, Senior Project Manager

Job site safety is a lifestyle, not just a requirement. Adjusting your mindset to a safe lifestyle will be extremely invaluable for your co-workers, yourself, and your family!

Connor Sharp, Construction Project Engineer
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