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What We Do

A Better Construction Experience

When you begin the process of having a building constructed, chances are you’re entering unfamiliar territory. The money you are committing is significant, and it can be difficult, with limited experience, to really feel comfortable with the many decisions involved in the project. Is the low bid the best bid? Do carefully developed specifications assure comparable quality from any contractor chosen? Will the budget be adhered to? Will the schedule be maintained?

The excitement over the benefits  your new building will provide is often tempered by the many stresses and uncertainties that can accompany the process. It is not realistic for you to attempt to become sufficiently knowledgeable about every aspect of a construction project. It is much more logical for you to align with someone who is: CSM Group.

There are several different ways to approach a construction project. CSM Group specializes in construction management. Simply put, this means our sole focus is in representing the interests of the owner. We are engaged for our expertise in overseeing every aspect of the project. We coordinate every component of the construction itself, select and manage the most appropriate trade contractors for the job, and bring every project to completion on time, within the budget. Owners have high expectations, and we’re proud to say we have always met or exceeded them.

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