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Trade Contractor Select

TCS is a behavioral science-based trade contractor performance assessment program developed by CSM Group
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About TCS

Trade Contractor Select is a behavioral science-based trade contractor performance assessment program that consists of a multi-segmented, observation-based questionnaire, evaluating trade contractors in distinct functional performance areas to drive successful projects.


What It Rates

For each contractor per project, users rate six pre-defined industry standard performance areas encompassing safety, quality, project management, schedule, accounting and administration to provide monthly feedback.

Behavioral Science-Based

Contractors are rated on observed behaviors linked to specific performance areas using a 5-point scale. All performance standards leverage behavioral-based science to ensure quantifiable, repeatable measurements and application of scores to maximize potential.

Here’s How It Works

Each month program users who directly observe the trade contractors provide rating input on performance areas such as:

  • On-the-job performance
  • Quality control
  • Administrative practices
  • Safety protocols
The performance areas are based on both pre-defined industry standards, which allow for a comparative analysis of trade contractors within market segments or geographical regions, as well as client-defined standards, allowing our clients to set performance expectations and drive the outcomes based upon their unique needs.

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