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Digital Plan Room


To reduce printing cost and environmental impact, CSM Group communicates and documents information through paperless processes wherever possible. PlanIT CSM is an online plan distribution system allowing all trade contractors, suppliers, vendors, and owners immediate access to the most current project information (plans, specifications, addendums, bulletins, etc.) free of charge.

This efficient, instant communication method is beneficial during all project stages from bidding to post-construction. Since our job sites are equipped with wireless internet, field personnel and trade contractors can access, view, and download documents from anywhere on the project site. For projects that are not publicly available, PlanIt CSM has facilities for secure access based on shared passwords distributed to approved parties. If a project is publicly available, the self-service sign up can be used by any interested external party to gain access to project documents. These parties’ access information is maintained for accountability.

Click here to access PlanIT CSM.