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Trade Contractors

Trusted Relationships with Local Trade Contractors

Let’s face it. All trade contractors are not created equal. Our experience in the marketplace gives you a pretty good idea of who does the best work, who has what skills, and who works most efficiently.

But naturally, the best of them are in the greatest demand. So at CSM Group, we believe by maintaining quality relationships with the trade contractors we employ, we become their preferred construction company. We earn their trust with thorough communication and by providing them timely information and feedback during the bidding process and on the job.

Utilizing Trade Contractor Select

Our process for soliciting local trade contractors, vendors, and suppliers involves a combination of techniques. We utilize our current, local relationships we have for each bid package along with placing pre-bid meeting notices in local newspapers and hosting trade fairs. These techniques ensure that we are receiving enough qualified trade contractors for each bid package within a specific mile radius of the project location.

We also utilize Trade Contractor Select to identify the most qualified subcontractors for our projects. To date, we have evaluated over 600 local contractors in categories of safety, job site coordination, job site cooperation, planning and scheduling, organization and response to requests and accounting/billing.

Safety Roundtables

Based on Trade Contractor Select scores, the top performing trade contractor companies are invited to attend each month’s safety roundtable. That means that each company’s safety director or manager is in attendance, as well as any field personnel.

The safety roundtable topics for 2016 were chosen through a survey of recommendations made by the group. This year’s first roundtable focused on feedback and behavioral management techniques around safety on the job site, and other topics slated for 2016 include:

  • feedback loops
  • safety glasses options
  • post-bid interviews
  • major OSHA issues
  • bid scopes
  • pre-bid walk-throughs
  • pre-qualifications
  • management of repetitive injuries

You can read more about our safety roundtables here.

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