Summerfield Charter Academy | CSM Group

National Heritage Academies

Summerfield Charter Academy

Project Details

Client National Heritage Academies

Location Summerfield, NC

Size (sq. ft) 47,000

Completion Date 2013


Project Description

CSM Group was tasked with constructing the new two-story school on a 13­-acre site, which included an abandoned house. The building was NHA’s ‘I’ prototype, and all of the walls for the project were pre-built in a factory and trucked to North Carolina. This allowed for the project to be completed in just under five months.

While managing the construction of the project, CSM Group also had to ensure specific construction challenges, including the large quantity of rain that fell during the five-month duration. Due to the dirt and clay that was natural to the site, the water collected on the surface and took longer to dry out.

CSM Group also had to deal with the simultaneous construction of the highway running parallel to the site, which was being widened from two lanes to four, with a turn lane included. This required a great deal of collaboration with North Carolina Department of Transportation so that neither schedules were affected.