Stryker Instruments | CSM Group

Stryker Instruments

Buildings 4100 and 6201

Project Details

Client Stryker Instruments

Location Portage, MI

Size (sq. ft) 47,000

Completion Date 2013


Project Description

Work on this project included renovation and demolition to various work areas in both buildings. In Building 4100, work included replacing existing flooring, renovating existing work areas of office cubicles, constructing new work areas, installing new walls, expanding the 2nd floor, and relocating exhaust fan and existing built-ins. Work in Building 6201 included relocating fixtures, temporarily moving office personnel, and installing mechanical units.

Since occupants were present throughout the entire construction, dust and noise containment systems were utilized extensively throughout the workspace. The project team also spent a good amount of time working 2nd shift and on the weekends to ensure that ongoing office work was not disrupted. The project was also completed in phases to allow occupants to move from areas needing to be renovated to areas where renovations had already been completed.