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Kalamazoo Public Schools

Washington Writers' Academy

Project Details

Client Kalamazoo Public Schools

Location Kalamazoo, MI

Size (sq. ft) 68,000

Completion Date December 2014


Project Description

The facility, which houses about 380 students in grades K-5, is nearly 27 percent larger than the building formerly on the site and has enough space and resources to hold about 500 students.

One of the unique features of the school is the architectural design of the two-story structure. Both the exterior and interior incorporates features that were preserved from the old building, including the entranceway to the old school, which is embedded in the foyer of the new building. Over 300 hours went into removing, restoring, and rebuilding the original arch.

Also incorporated into the new school was the gymnasium that was built in 2003 as part of the latest rounds of renovations. This component of the project was particularly challenging and involved a lot of coordination between CSM Group and trade contractors to ensure that the structural integrity of the gymnasium wasn’t compromised.