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Kaiser Aluminum

Renovations to Kalamazoo Plant

Project Details

Client Kaiser Aluminum

Location Kalamazoo, MI

Size (sq. ft) 464,000

Completion Date 2010


Project Description

CSM Group worked closely with Midlink Business Park to renovate the previously vacant industrial space and the surrounding site to accommodate Kaiser’s new operations.

The main plant floor was reinforced to support the state-of-the-art fabrication equipment, as well as accommodate multiple office workspaces. Sitework included new pavement, parking lots, receiving docks, and staff access. The interior of the facility also included conference space, a new cafeteria, a quality assurance lab, and maintenance areas.

In 2011, CSM Group managed two projects to Kaiser’s area at the Midlink Business Park. The first project included adding approximately 1,000 square feet of office space on top of their existing office space. This required coordination with the owner to minimize disruptions to their workflow. The second project consisted of installing a heavy-duty sound reducing demising wall. CSM brought some alternate solutions to the design to reduce disruptions to their production and shorten the duration of the project, which was a critical aspect of this project.