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HARK Orchids, L.P.

New Company Headquarters

Project Details

Client HARK Orchideen

Location Kalamazoo, MI

Size (sq. ft) 35,000

Completion Date July 2013


Project Description

Founded in 1904, Hark Orchids deals in the hybridization, cultivation, and propagation of orchids. The company serves about 20% of the orchid market in the United States, and about 90% of the orchid market in Europe.

Located in the Midlink Business Park in Kalamazoo, Michigan, this facility will serve as the company’s headquarters and North American center of operations. The 1-acre site is an evolution of a system developed by members of Fritz Hark’s family in Europe.

The new facility includes climate-controlled laboratory space, cultivation areas, a production center, and distribution space to serve the demands of the company. The building’s sleek, clean lines embody a European office aesthetic, which reflects the company’s original laboratory in Lippstadt, Germany. Another key feature to the site are the clean rooms, which are set up with clean benches to perform sterile cuttings on original plant sources.