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Greenleaf Trust Birmingham

New Mixed-Use Building

Project Details

Client Catalyst Development Co., LLC

Location Birmingham, MI

Size (sq. ft) 67,000

Completion Date June 2010


Project Description

This five-story building project revitalizes a high-profile, formerly blighted corner lot in a designated brownfield redevelopment area. The mixed-use building houses an upscale restaurant on the ground floor, high-end office space on the second and third floors, and luxury residential units on the upper stories with a lower-level parking garage for residential tenants

Situated at the convergence of three streets, the exterior is designed to present a landmark façade from all approaches. Multi-level rooftop terraces offer open views of the downtown while maintaining tenant privacy through careful arrangement of building elements. A lively, contemporary atmosphere carries the architectural features from the exterior to the interior, while elegant walnut detailing and intricate porcelain mosaic tile floor patterns enhance the upscale interior atmosphere.

The building was designed and constructed according to the LEED Green Building Rating System, and LEED Silver certification is in progress.