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Global Food Suppliers

The solid blue denotes the states in which we have provided comprehensive project management services for global food suppliers.

Project Details

Client Confidential Global Food Suppliers

Location Various Locations Throughout the United States

2014 Work Managed $116,129,949

Specialized Capabilities New construction; Equipment installation and relocation; Maintenance management; Additions and renovations; Infrastructure improvements; Food safety; Site logistics planning; Temporary protection; Guarding assessments; Lockout/Tagout safety

Project Description

CSM Group has been managing work in the global food supplier industry since 2009. Projects managed include frozen foods, snacks/bakery, and breakfast food facilities.

Experience in managing equipment installations, new process and equipment packaging lines, improvement of process systems, and facility upgrades such as building additions, coatings, roof replacements, facility equipment replacements, ammonia systems, and major maintenance.

Our food and beverage industry experts have an in-depth understanding of the unique requirements and ever-changing safety standards in food processing facilities. Our detailed food and beverage facility construction and maintenance experience span across the United States, allowing us to deliver solutions so our clients can focus on delivering their product on time and within budget.

Our industry experts are trained and certified in good manufacturing practices (GMP), sanitation/cleaning requirements, product and hygienic zones, hazard analysis, and critical control protection (HACCP) standards. Our experts are also trained on emerging food trends and advancements to keep clients in the forefront of the food industry.