To trust your construction company, you must feel its people will “think of everything” in connection with the project. CSM Group doesn’t leave that to chance. Our pre-construction services are more thorough and formalized, so much so we’ve bundled them into a consistent and detailed process.

Site inspections and design and constructability reviews are always part of that process. But our expertise in construction management allows us to examine the project from more perspectives at this early stage when it can have maximum impact.

Often, this means involving more key people at this stage than is typical at other firms. We’ve learned this allows us to better “see around corners” to unearth and avoid potential problems and discover opportunities to add efficiency and economies through value engineering. It also provides a jumpstart in more accurate budgeting and estimating, even identifying and selecting key trade contractors to be invited to bid.

Our pre-project services also include other important activities, including:

Budget Development

We will help you develop budgets in order to monitor progress toward your goals, help control spending, and predict cash flow and profit.

Constructibility Reviews

We will review construction processes from start to finish to identify obstacles prior to the start of your project to reduce or prevent delays and cost overruns.

Cost Estimating

We can provide an approximation of the probable cost of a project, computed on the basis of available information.

Value Analysis

Our team will provide a value analysis to help you achieve more effective cost management and to better align scope, performance/quality expectations, and budget.

Schedule Development & Control

Our project managers will produce a quality schedule that includes control points to help ensure project success, including budget development and cost checks and jurisdictional approval processes.

Pre-Bond Services

We help you assess, develop, and implement effective strategies to make a compelling presentation of evidence of need, articulate those needs, engage your constituency, and win broad-based community support for school bond proposals.

Safety Protocols

At CSM Group, we lead with safety and it’s our No. 1 priority on all job sites. Click here to learn more about or behavior-based safety program.

Site Assessment/Selection

We will develop practical site work plans, negotiate facility investigations and corrective measures with regulatory agencies, and implement cost-effective corrective measures that are tailored specifically to your needs.

Quality Management

Our Quality Control/Quality Assurance program covers all activities from design, development, production, installation, serving, and documentation.

Logistics Planning

Our project team will develop a project and/or site logistics plan to ensure activity in multiple occupied areas are not interrupted.