Partnerships | CSM Group

Compliance One Group is a company dedicated to serving the needs of the physical environment as it relates to healthcare, education, and corporate facilities. Compliance One provides superior service with their highly skilled team of experts who are committed to improving life safety in your facility. The Compliance One team can assess the needs of a facility and identify any deficiencies or areas of non-compliance with standards, codes, and laws. What puts Compliance One a level above the rest is their comprehensive approach, providing sustainable solutions to meet the needs of your facility and offer continued support every step of the way.

Spark Business Works offers affordable, practical software solutions that increase business productivity with visible returns on investment. Services include enterprise resource planning, software development, business intelligence, and technology consulting. Their team has a passion for efficiency and thrives on turning processes into time and cost-saving solutions for their clients.

Esphera3 International (E3I) is a global development business, which currently delivers integrated healthcare services around the globe. The founding firms of E3i are CSM Group, Eckert Wordell, and M.W. VanderVeen Company. These three groups have operated as “channel partners” with each other for over 25 years.

E3I’s focus is delivering services to the healthcare sector that encompasses all aspects of a partnered healthcare approach, including operational transformation to optimize the design, resource management, and financial operations of healthcare.

Serving food protection professionals in the United States and the rest of the world, the International Food Protection Training Institute (IFPTI) improves public health through competency-based learning solutions—while cultivating strong leadership in the global food protection community.

IFPTI builds competency-based solutions for public- and private-sector food protection professionals. This translates to custom-designed learning organized around curriculum frameworks aligned with specific workforce competencies. Simply put, for any food protection or safety challenges anywhere in the world, IFPTI has the expertise, leadership, and systems in place to help solve them.

Augmented by close collaboration with industry, academia, federal, state and international governments, and other organizations, IFPTI is the model for creating and fostering partnerships committed to addressing food protection and public health needs worldwide.

CSM Group is proud to be a part of the Southwest Michigan First Council of 100. This partnership contains many companies throughout Southwest Michigan who are on a mission to create jobs and wealth in the area. The council works to grow the community’s economic base, attract new business to the region, retain and expand existing companies, support start-up companies, and connect leaders to ideas and each other.