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At CSM Group, we lead with safety. Planning and preparing ensures on-site safety and reduces preventable safety-related incidents, resulting in a safe, but also timely and efficient, construction project. Safety on every job site involves the proactive prevention of unsafe conditions through training, preparing, planning, communicating, monitoring, and reporting. CSM Group incorporates safety into every project from pre-construction through project closeout.

Our extensive experience working in a variety of environments has transformed the industry expectations in terms of separations, logistical and operational adjustments, establishment of emergency egress, as well as on-site meetings and reviews with administration and local Authorities Having Jurisdiction prior to getting the project started.

Planning for Safety

Planning for safety begins in pre-construction during the design phase of a project. Plan and document reviews are conducted to review means and methods of construction, which allows us to engineer in safety for the life of a project, as well as include safety features that will remain with the building for facilities maintenance staff to utilize for the life of the structure.

By conceptually planning for safety and engineering out hazards – and engineering in safety features – allows for the elimination of hazards without ever putting a worker in harms way. When documents are released for construction, safety expectations are clearly defined for every worker that will be involved with the construction of the project.

During the construction of the project, we utilize a 3-week look-ahead that allows us to foresee any potential hazards that might appear, as well as look back at what has been accomplished and could have been improved and incorporated into future work. We also utilize daily task-specific job safety analysis (JSA) to plan out each day’s work to ensure equipment, manpower, and training is sufficient to perform the work safely.

A Note From Our Vice President of Environmental, Health & Safety

Kevin Kirk, CSP

Kevin Kirk, CSP

Safety is more than just something we do or say. We have to live, identify needs, plan, train, practice, and lead by example with safety. Safety is always changing and evolving; every day, the environment changes on a jobsite, so it’s important that we adequately prepare ourselves.

We know safety is more than just equipment and training. It has to be a behavior – an automatic habit we don’t even think about; we just do it. Putting on your personal protective equipment (PPE) has to be conditioned just like putting on a seatbelt when you get into a car.

We also know that each individual involved with CSM Group projects need more than just PPE or training to keep them safe. They also need our support, encouragement, and guidance to develop the behaviors that will protect them for a lifetime. All the safety equipment, training, and engineering in the world won’t help them if they don’t have the instincts to know when they might be at risk. They are only under our watch for the duration of the project we manage, but our goal is to instill the behaviors in them to ask questions when they feel unsafe or don’t understand the risks of the work they are performing.

Safety Services

Our team is experienced in working with labor and management, regulatory compliance, process safety management, accident prevention, program development and implementation, and are experienced in working with OSHA.

Here are a few of the safety services that we can provide to you and your organization:

Safety Support

CSM Group will provide on-site support for trade contractors or owners; our eyes and ears on the project will assist with workforce safety issues and will ensure that you are following OSHA and company safety policies. We will also review or assist with writing site-specific safety plans for facilities or construction programs, and perform audits to determine if your safety programs are compliant with OSHA requirements. CSM Group will also help identify training deficiencies or needs, and will assist with planning and scheduling training resources as well as recordkeeping for trainings and certifications.


Lockout/Tagout (LOTO)

CSM Group can audit existing lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedures for facilities or projects to determine if they are in compliance and all energy sources and/or hazards are identified. We can also assist with updating existing LOTO procedures that are identified to be deficient, write new LOTO procedures for new lines, equipment, or processes that might have been added since the last LOTO procedures were written, and train staff on new or updated LOTO procedures.


Machine Guarding

We can audit existing and new facility equipment to ensure proper machine guarding is in place to eliminate hazards associated with moving or rotating parts, including interlock and barrier guarding. We will also provide a detailed list of deficiencies with recommendations for corrections, and will work with on-site maintenance to acquire and install proper guarding. If the on-site maintenance team does not have the time available to make the corrections, we will outsource the work to ensure it is performed in a timely and effective manner.

Facility and Life Safety Audits

CSM Group can perform mock insurance facility reviews to determine compliance with your insurance carrier’s requirements for business, and will determine if all life safety measures are up to the insurance carrier’s requirements (fire protection system, alarms, egress signage, egress hardware for doors, etc.). We will also provide written reports on items that may need attention prior to your next facility inspection prior to the insurance company or fire marshal inspection. CSM Group can also assist in outsourcing any deficiencies that may require correction or upgrade.

Making a living shouldn’t have to cost you your life. Workplace fatalities, injuries, and illnesses are preventable. Safe jobs happen because employers make the choice to fulfill their responsibilities and protect their workers.

Dr. David Michaels

Assistant Secretary of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health Administration

Our Safety Leadership Team


Kevin Kirk, CSP

Kevin Kirk, CSP

VP of Environmental, Health & Safety

Kellysue Hornsby, CHST

Kellysue Hornsby, CHST

Safety Specialist

Vanessa Norfleet

Vanessa Norfleet

Safety Specialist

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National Safety Council Member

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