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Sustainable Practices

Building a Better Future

Green building is becoming increasingly popular. Once the province of only the most environmentally conscious owners, it now incorporates building practices and materials that make excellent economic sense for the long-term operation and maintenance of the building. This often makes it the classic “win-win” situation for the owner (and the planet).

But this is only true if your construction manager is experienced and knowledgeable about the green building process itself.

CSM Group is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and has served as construction manager on many green construction projects, from office buildings to ice arenas. We possess solid working knowledge of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System®, and have LEED-accredited professionals on staff.

This knowledge and experience allow us to use state-of-the-art strategies to construct a building that will, in some cases, earn official “Green Building” designation, and in many other achieve ongoing performance and sustainability goals that will both conserve resources and reduce operating expenses. Our green building efforts touch upon a broad spectrum of issues, including:

  • sustainable site development
  • water savings
  • use of environmentally-friendly materials
  • quality of indoor environment
  • energy efficiency
  • minimizing environmental impact in a variety of ways

CSM Group has used its expertise to maximize efficiency and responsible environmental stewardship on a wealth of projects of many different kinds, and on many levels – including the site itself.

In several cases, for example, we have worked with owners to build upon previously contaminated sites, which have been carefully re-mediated and placed back into service. Other projects have featured increased use of green islands in parking areas to minimize the “hot spots” that can cause damage to the ozone layer.


Kalamazoo Public Schools’ Linden Grove Middle School – LEED Gold Certified

Otsego Public Library – LEED Silver Certified

“Green” Construction Requires a Partner Who is Anything But

As construction manager, CSM Group has overseen projects in which we’ve taken maximum advantage of exterior views and natural light, providing psychological benefits to occupants and reducing ongoing energy costs for the owner. We’ve also helped owners realize similar savings with individualized thermal comfort controls, which allow for selective heating.

Regular CSM Group practices include the use of environmentally-friendly paints, flooring, and other materials, as well as energy-efficient electrical equipment and water-saving plumbing fixtures. And our commitment to the extensive use of materials produced locally or regionally has helped to reduce the environmental impact of transporting them from greater distances. The use of recycled materials and active recycling throughout a project are also common on CSM Group construction projects.

We obviously understand the unique aspects of green building, as we approach such projects with the same thorough professionalism we show on every project, ensuring the project comes in on time and within budget, and adding significant value along the way. It’s why building owners trust CSM Group.

Clients for Whom We’ve Incorporated Environmentally-Friendly Materials, Processes, and Features: