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Post-Construction Phase

“Clean up our mess and hand ’em the manuals.”

That’s how the post-construction phase is viewed by some construction companies.

At CSM Group, however, we see it as an opportunity to ensure owner satisfaction and strengthen a relationship we expect to last for a long time. This attitude is reflected in the services we provide as part of our post-construction process.

Naturally, we ensure repairs, maintenance, and warranty work are handled smoothly throughout the commissioning of the building. But, rather than hide from phone calls, we “look for trouble.”

We conduct surveys and evaluations are key stages of the process to ensure client satisfaction. And we conduct a thorough warranty review before warranty expiration and bring our key trade contractors with us. This is an ideal opportunity for you to voice concerns, questions, or problems in time to have them answered or remedied.

We will help provide operation and maintenance training and make sure your transition to the new facility occurs smoothly. To maximize the productivity of your new facility, you need to spend your time on your business, not your building.

Our commitment can, if you wish, be further extended to include building and property management and other services related to the continuing care and management of previously completed construction.

Top Right: Family Health Center of Kalamazoo

Bottom Right: Wings Events Center