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Comprehensive Facility Maintenance Services

Just because a project has come to a close doesn’t mean that your relationship with CSM Group will come to an end. Are you in need of some routine repairs but are outside the one-year construction warranty period? Don’t worry – we have you covered.

CSM Group has been providing construction management services for the past 32 years. Leveraging an established reputation for quality and customer-focused services, there is a recognized opportunity to continue to serve a client’s facility needs beyond a construction warranty period. Our mission is to provide clients with comprehensive facility maintenance services for all types of buildings.

CSM Group uses common sense and practical experience, combined with a highly skilled professional team, for new construction warranty management through detailed maintenance action plans for existing facilities. We also partner with multiple highly-skilled trade contractors to offer a single point of service for comprehensive and competitive services.

Currently, we provide services in the following categories:


Urgent Needs

Maintenance issues that require immediate response

Routine Repairs

Repairs or maintenance that is scheduled and performed during business hours


Preventative Maintenance

Schedules developed for specific maintenance needs

Warranty Management

Identify warranties extending beyond the initial one-year warranty period

Comprehensive Facility Assessments & Surveys

Provide an in-depth view of the facility’s condition and create a facility maintenance action plan to support a yearly budget

Energy Audits

Determine ways to reduce energy costs within a facility

(All contracted services are competitively priced on an annual basis. Services would generally not include: janitorial, ground maintenance, refuse disposal, snow removal, or other similar services.)