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U.S. Military Veterans

Why We Need Veterans in Construction

According to Veterans Build America, the construction industry provides solid, well-paying jobs to over six million American workers every year; however, the industry is currently experiencing a critical shortage of skilled workers. To remain at our present level of workers, the construction industry needs a quarter of a million new craft professionals per year to replace an aging and retiring workforce.

Turn Your Tactical Hat Into a Hardhat

Are you looking for a job, or are you looking for a career? If you’re looking for a career, then you’re in the right place. Military professionals can integrate quickly into our organization with the support of internal company trainings and external training provided by the professional organizations CSM Group is a member of.

Military Leave of Absence

CSM Group is committed to protecting the job rights of employees who are absent due to military leave. This policy provides that no employee will be subject to any form of discrimination on the basis of their obligation to perform service for any of the Uniformed Services of the United States, and applies to all CSM Group employees who are members of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Reserves, National Guard, or Public Health Service.


Demographics of U.S. Military Veterans

  • Among the 495,000 unemployed veterans in 2015, 57 percent were age 45 and over. About 37 percent were age 25 to 44, and 5 percent were age 18 to 24.
  • In 2015, 21.2 million men and women were veterans, accounting for about 9 percent of the civilian noninstitutional population age 18 and over.
  • About 33 percent of Gulf War-era II veterans reported having a service-connected disability in August 2015, compared with 20 percent of all veterans.
  • The unemployment rate for male veterans overall was lower than the rate for female veterans in 2015. The unemployment rate for male veterans declined to 4.5 percent. The rate for female veterans changed little at 5.4 percent.
  • About 9 percent of all veterans are women.

Thank You to Our Veterans

Chris Watts
Project Manager

Mark Roys, P.E.
Chief Operating Officer

Kellysue Hornsby
Safety Specialist

Chad McDaniel
Project Manager

Symon Olenczuk
Project Manager

Chris Penley
Project Director

Joe Bailey
Divisional President

John Eagerton
Construction Manager

Tom Pierce
Construction Manager

Jerry Shore
Construction Manager

Stan Bedard
West Coast Operations Manager