Diversity | CSM Group


Our Corporate Commitment

CSM Group is committed to fostering an environment where the individual differences among us and our partners, whether in terms of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religion, are valued and embraced. We strive to attract professionals from different backgrounds who share one important quality: a commitment to excellence.

CSM Group Diversity Committee

The CSM Group Diversity Committee is composed of a diverse cross-section of CSM employees, selected to serve a two-year term. The primary objective of the committee is to provide opportunities for diverse individuals and/or companies to engage in employment or business with CSM Group. The committee is also responsible for tracking diverse spend and increasing diversity awareness through training and development to all aspects of the company.

Programs and Activities

We strive to ensure that our employees, especially those from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in construction, have the opportunity to realize their aspirations while also contributing their unique ideas, skills, talents, and strengths to the daily life of CSM Group.

A couple of our in-house programs include:

Annual CSM Group Diversity Event

Since 2011, CSM Group has hosted an annual diversity event focused on corporate networking sessions with diverse companies and suppliers. Past invited companies have included Kellogg, Bronson Healthcare Group, Pfizer, Grand Rapids Community College, and Herman Miller.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide opportunities to collaborate with colleagues who have similar interests or backgrounds and to participate in career development workshops, mentoring, local recruiting and community service activities.

Mentoring Programs

CSM Group believes, that at our community’s core, the ultimate catalyst for growth is the ability to identify, engage, and empower people. Each year, CSM Group selects mentees to go through our mentorship program to learn about all aspects of the organization, from pre-construction services to project closeouts.